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News & Updates


Publish Date: 13.07.2019, 00:18 Time

server up!

please patch your client/s

patch changes:

-261 new weapon/shield models
guild rejoin = 5minutes
mail expiration fixed
/buff or /b command added
c/d cards added to petfilter
transy (b) price reduced
a bit change to dungeon rates (reduced)

custom wings added to is
scroll of holy/resurrection added to wafor

weapon models added to daddy snowman
shield models added to wafor

cloak of honor lb fixed
scroll of unbinding fixed
auto penya to perin convert added

thank you all for waiting <3

happy farming <3


Publish Date: 08.07.2019, 10:12 Time

Server Up!

Private Vendor-
-Perin and Red Chips Currency

Crimson's Cloak Stats Increased!
Remantis Laccotte @Wafor (100RC each)
Scroll of Unbinding (Unlink) Added to Wafor
Lord Genesis's Cloak Added to DK Fashion Set Effects
Golden Armor Set Effects Fixed
Egg Hatcher Added to Pet Tamer
Pet Energy Added to Pet Tamer
All Raise Pet Stats Fixed

That's all for now !
Thank you for waiting!<3


Publish Date: 02.07.2019, 23:51 Time

server up!

patch changes:

guild name color [per level]
knight passive: sword cross enable
party finder [under menu -> genesis-systens -> party finder]
ingame report [under menu -> genesis-systens -> report]

automated invasion system [lord clockworks alpha] (everysunday 10:00pm)
genesis points [min: 1 | max: 3]
[new] - ult. golden weapons
couple buffs update:
power = 100%/150%/180%/max: 200% [inc.atk] per level
bless = 300%/max: 350% [inc.hp] per level
miracle = 150% [inc.mp]

all redchips shops now perin [focus on farming your donate items]

[v18] accessory parts to savage/wilds
[new] - ult. golden armor parts to kheldor
[new] - ult. golden shield spellbook to kalgas
[new] - ult. golden shield to behemoth
[new] - autofreebies (guardian weapons 7days)

1-gp(genesis point) every three(3)hours.

stats added to crimson cloak
scroll of unbinding added to [flaris mayor]
revert transmutation scroll added to [flaris mayor]
transy (b) added to [flaris mayor]

1 day traseia ticket added to [premium] karrie

cheer exp rate: from x5 to x100. [total exp rate w/ cheers: 999900]

all lucky/gift box effects removed. [we'll it bring back soon]

raised pet dragon new effect: inc. attack
raised pet griffin new effect: inc. hp
raised pet unicorn new effect: inc. mp

all major boss monster's hp increased!

thank you for your patience!


Publish Date: 27.06.2019, 12:30 Time

Server Up!

Patch Changes:
Improved GFX
Improved Flying System [Use your Flying item first, HOLD SPACE = FLY / HOLD SHIFT+S = LAND)
Limited Clients of Five(5)
Speed Projectile Improved
Pet Tamer Class (S) Quest = Fixed
New Characters Animation

New NPC: [Model] Is
Winter Blue Set (M/F)
Winter Purple Set (M/F)
Winter Red Set (M/F)
Madara Set
Kaneki Set
Madara Weapon Cloak
Kaneki/Kagune Tail (Flying)
Grand Genesis's Wing Cloaks

V18 Accessories Parts Placed to Kheldor's Drop

Crimson's 5/6 Effect: Lucky/Gift Box +1
Purified Yggdrasil Sword (Templar) - Now Two-handed

That's all for now guys ! Thank you!


Publish Date: 25.06.2019, 15:48 Time

Server Up !

Patch Change Logs.

Max Collector 5 per IP Address
Max Collector Level: +20
Pet EXP Rate Inc. 25
Bulk/AoE Item Pickup
Pet Looting Speed Max
Tradable Awaked Fashion, Mask,Cloak, and Accessories

Change Awakening Color
Change Set/Item Effect Color
Character Name Added to Window Title

100% Success Upgrade/Pierce Rate (+1 -> +10)

Happy Collecting !


Publish Date: 24.06.2019, 16:18 Time

server up !

patch change logs!

--lord genesis's cloak ! (all you need to do is farm !)

--scroll of gm raised pet added = donate shop
--increased looter pet loot range

looter pet filter = fixed !
--sopas icon updated/change
--card (s) added = donate shop
--card (10%) added = donate shop
--red chips / blue chips -> genesis points added = donate shop

all normal fashion added to [fashion] asianbeauty
all normal looter pets added to pet tamer flaris

all dk fashion set effects updated!
all v18 accessory set effects update!

arena enter fixed!
added new teleporter locations!

piece decreased to reduced lags.

orignal font is back!

blue chips can be collected, and exchange it for genesis points.

that's all for now !

thank you so much for encouring us to continue updating server. <3


Publish Date: 20.06.2019, 19:18 Time

server's up!

we are now full high rates !!!!!

patch changes:

guild buffs:
~~lv.1 = all stats +250 (lv.4 guild, 10 online members)
~~lv.2 = speed +50% (lv.12 guild, 15 online members)
~~lv.3 = inc.hp +50% (lv.15 guild, 20 online members)
~~lv.4 = inc.mp +30% (lv.20 guild, 25 online members)
~~lv.5 = inc.atk +50% (lv.25 guild, 30 online members)
~~lv.6 = pvp dmg +80% (lv.30 guild, 35 online members)

mayor of flaris donate shop:
~~yggdrasil's weapons added

~~yggdrasil's armors added
~~crimson's fashion set added
~~crimson's cloak/mask added

~~sopa inc.hp/mp/atk added
[premium] karrie:
~~scroll of reversion added
~~lv.15-lv.90 boots added
system updates:
~~other maps added
~~fat job change fixed!!
~~fast login/skip server
~~auto next target removed
~~100 red chips per kill!
~~removed dungeon level requiment

~~chariote ring update+20 fixed
~cloak of honor:
~~new effect = speed+ 150% / pve dmg +500%
~~remantis laccotte drop: Aminus Hero/Master

all buffs ingame updated !

check it out now!!!


Publish Date: 18.06.2019, 14:41 Time

Server's Up !

Patch Changes:
-> Auto Job Change
-> Auto Max Skills
-> Auto Perin Converter

-> All Items Effects and Set Effects x2. (High Stated Effects)

-> +10 Armor Set Effect (Adjusted into High Stats)
|Hit +100%
|Melee/Range Block +35%
|Inc.HP +80%
|Pvp Dmg +50%
|All Stats +150

-> Accessories are now awakeable
-> Masks are now awakeable

---->Adjusted Skills Multiplier
-> Vital Stab
-> Hit of Penya
-> Spirit Bomb
-> Psychic Bomb
-> Fear Scream
-> Ice Arrow
-> Poison Arrow
-> Flame Arrow
-> Condor Dive
-> Deadly X
-> Shield Bash
-> Maelstrom Strike
-> Sky Splitter

--> Parry/Block Rate Adjusted

--> V18 Accessories Upgrade+ Increased

That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates. !

~Genesis Staffs


Publish Date: 16.06.2019, 23:10 Time

Server's Up !

Patch changes:

-Penya Price
Lv.15 - Lv.90 Armor Set Added To Boboko

-Red Chip Price
Dragon King Set Added To Frances
Dragon King Mask/Cloak Added To Frances
v18 Accessory sSet Parts added To Is
Cloak of Vengeance Added To Wafor

Stone of Perfect Awakening (Reworked)
Looter Pet Speed Adjusted

x2 Red Chips Event! From 3-5 Pieces To 6-10 Pieces Drop.
!!Red Chips Drops in Azria Ticket!!

See You Ingame!

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